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Important Dates

  • Jan 29th - 2 Collection DQ
  • Feb 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Feb 15th - Anti Vday Collection
  • Mar 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Mar 24th - Foil Me & Glitter Fix Restock
  • Apr 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Apr 21st - New Releases
  • May 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • May 23rd - Summer Quad Presale
  • Jun 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Jun 23rd - New Releases

Paper Runway Collection

$ 5.60

Avant-Garde is a matte magenta base with an orange sheen and a bright blue sparkle.
Buyer's Remorse is a light teal with a subtle gold sheen and a pinkish purple sparkle.
Grandiloquent is a light matte grey base with a subtle orange sheen and gold & turquoise sparkle.

lovelock is a sheer ivory base that rubs down into a pinkish purple sheen with green and pink sparkle.
Nice Kicks is a muted green with a strong copper and gold sparkle and a slight brown sparkle.
Spikes & Pearls is dark brownish purple matte base with a green and red/pink sparkle.

Sample Baggie: 1/8 teaspoon of product in a baggie
Sample Jar: 1/4 teaspoon of product in a jar

Ingredients: For complete list of ingredients, please see the individual listings as each color is different.

Notes: By buying this collection, you save $4.25 (for sample jars) and $1.90 (for sample baggies).