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Custom Palette

$ 5.00


Not really a fan of loose shadows or want a little something different from GDE? We now offer custom palettes, here is what you do:

1. Put this palette into your cart.
2. Come back to the pressed shadows listings and choose the 12 colors you would like in your quad.
3. Add those to your cart. Be sure to add the "Palette" ones for 5 dollars, NOT the clamshell or quad.
4. Once you have picked your 12 eye shadows and your palette, your total should be $65. That is the price of our palettes.
5. Checkout.
6. Check email constantly for tracking number, then check mail constantly for package to arrive.
7. Drool!

Each palette has 12 magnetic wells which we will fill with your color choices. We will arrange them from lightest to darkest. Quads are made from eco-friendly cardboard but are very sturdy. They measure at 9 7/8" x and 3 1/16" inches and have a GDE quad sticker on the top. The bottom of your quad will have a sticker that has all the information you will need about each shadow. The name, the ingredients and of course our website.

Each palette will be wrapped with bubble bags for extra care. They will then be shipped in a bubble mailer. These are handmade pressed shadows done in small quantities. They're pressed in house and not done by large machines.