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  • May 28th - Half Priced Tuesday
  • June 4th - Shorties

Blush Pretty Random

$ 7.00


Have you ever purchased from a quarter machine and when you get is a complete surprise? How cool would that be implemented into blush!? By purchasing pretty randoms, you will get any of the following:

1. Overstock of discontinued items. This could be limited edition holiday blushes, OTM blushes, etc.
2. Colors that just didn't make the cut. This means we made a color for something (a specific collection, OTM, GWP) and we just didn't think it fit the bill.
3. Colors that aren't really matching what the color is supposed to be.

The possibilities are endless. This doesn't mean that these colors are defective, they're perfect to use as blushes and other things, they're just taking up space in our work room and we want to get rid of them!

You can purchase as many as you would like however we cannot guarantee that you will not get duplicates. I will try to have many colors on hand at a time but I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum so there might not be a big selection at times. To purchase more than one simply add this to your cart and change the quantity in your shopping cart.

PLEASE NOTE: unfortunately I can't take any requests for specific colors or specifications.

GWP & SAMPLES WILL NOT BE SENT WITH THE PURCHASE OF THESE. If you wish to also get the GWP, you must spend $10 on applicable product.