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atmosCHROME Collection

$ 9.35


Broken Stars is a slate blue base with a pink to purple duochrome sparkle overlay.

Candied Clouds is blueish gray base with a pink duochrome and silver sparkles.

Charming Society is a sheer duochrome of blue, green and gold with subtle gold and lavender sparkles.

Electric Heart is a hot pink base with a golden shift and intense copper sparkle.

Fields of Wire is hunter green base with a soft green to red shift, finished off with a copper sparkle.

Fire at Will is a light orange with a green to yellow duochrome and subtle red sparkles.

Galaxy Beyond Dreams is a the darkest blue you could ever find with a galaxy of sparkles. Every color imaginable and this color is sparkly to the max!

Night Sail is a golden brown base with a gold, blue and silver sparkle duochrome.

Swollen Tears is a reddish mauve with a strong blue/green duochrome and tiny rose gold sparkles.

Violet Winds is a light lavender with a strong orange shift and holographic sparkle.

Sample Jar: 1 gram of product in a 5 gram jar.
Sample Baggie: .5 gram of product.

Ingredients: For complete list of ingredients, please see the individual listings as each color is different.

Notes: By buying this collection, you save $3.15 on sample baggies and $7.25 on sample jars.