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Ariel Planner Kit

$ 14.00

PLEASE NOTE: THE CURRENT STOCK OF THIS KIT WAS PRINTED ON THE WRONG SETTING SO IT ISN'T AS CRISP AS MY OTHER KITS. I HAVE DISCOUNTED THE KIT BY $2 FOR THIS ERROR. Only half of the kit is printed wrong, the full box sheet and the full box checklist sheet, the rest are fine!


In this set you will receive over 179 (30 of them being matte removable "washi" stickers) in a Little Mermaid theme, printed on glossy sticker paper (minus the "washi"). These are made to fit the Erin Condren vertical boxes and headers perfectly, however, can be used in any planner.


These graphics were made for me specifically by my designer. You will not find them anywhere else!


In this kit, you will receive:

- 7 word flags (pay day, yay!, to go, groceries, urgrent, appointment, to remember, errands)

- 4 rounded edge half boxes

- 8 decorative full boxes

- 10 small icons, 11 large icons and 12 cut out icons

- 8 full box ombre checklists

- 14 flags in varies shapes, sizes and design (either design or solid)

- 4 small blank circles

- 28 headers (7 things to do, 7 personal, 7 the extras, to buy, to remember, packages, to pay, gratitude, next week and to clean)

- 4 appointment boxes

- 6 bill due stickers

- 9 m/d/n decorative covers (6 with pattern and 3 solid)

- 5 large teardrops

- 7 full box checklist "flags" (5 hearts for checking)

- 7 half box checklist "flags" (3 hearts for checking)

- 4 rounded edge 3 heart ombre checklists

- 1 weekend banner

- 26 "washi" strips in varies sizes and 4 longer strips to use in the bottom section