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Important Dates

  • Feb 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Feb 5th - Valentine's Day Collection
  • Feb 14th -V-Day Charity Shadow
  • Feb 23rd - Blush Restock
  • Feb 27th - Half Price Tuesday
  • Mar 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Mar 9th - DQs Live
  • Mar 13th - Half Price Tuesday
  • Mar 30th - New Releases
  • Apr 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Apr 1st -Autism Society Charity Shadow

Interested in signing up for our OTM but you're just not sure what you're signing up for? Take a look at some of our previous month OTMs. Images courtesy of Meagan from Buried in Boxes.


September 2016

  • Eye Shadow in Not Enough Boys in This Town by GDE
  • Blush in Slap! by GDE
  • Lip Tint in Headed for a Broken Heart by Spectrum Cosmetics
  • Value: $21.00

August 2016

  • Eye Shadow in Drive-Thru by GDE
  • Blush in Pit Stop! by GDE
  • Waffles & Syrup Lip Candy by For Goodness Grape
  • Value: $19.00

July 2016

  • Eye Shadow in Really a Mermaid by GDE
  • Eye Shadow in Fiji Mermaid Remix by GDE
  • Cream Eye Shadow in Make Waves by GDE
  • Value: $18.00

June 2016

May 2016

  • Eye Shadow in Doppelganger by GDE
  • Eye Shadow in Forever Alone by GDE
  • Pressed Multipurpose Powder in Gemini by GDE
  • 2 Lip Balms in Robin, The Balm Wonder & The Hero Our Lips Deserve by AFK Cosmetics
  • Value: $31.00

April 2016

  • Eye Shadow in Pug Life by GDE
  • Blush in So Fetch by GDE
  • Nail Polish in Muddy Paws by Leeshas Lacquer
  • Value: $19.00

March 2016

  • Eye Shadow in Some Kind of Magic by GDE
  • Pressed Eye Shadow in Unicorns in Space by GDE
  • Lipstick in Unicorns Give Enchanted Kisses by Native War Pants
  • Value: $19.00

February 2016

  • Eye Shadow in Get in Loser by GDE
  • Eye Shadow in Full of Secrets by GDE
  • Highlighter Sample in We Wear Pink by Brija Cosmetics
  • Value: $17.50

January 2016

  • Eye Shadow in Not a Prize by GDE
  • Highlighter/Bronzer Sample in Desert Prince by GDE
  • Lipstick in Shining Shimmering by Spectrum Cosmetics
  • Value: $17.00


December 2015

  • Eye Shadow in Refuse Thy Name by GDE
  • Eye Shadow in Artificial Knight by GDE
  • Highlighter/Blush in Ancient Grudge by GDE
  • HydraGlaze in Fair Verona by GDE
  • Perfume Oil in My Only Love by Kiss My Sass Cosmetics
  • Luxe Longwear Eye Line by Starlooks
  • December TMI: Copper & Kraft
  • Value: $54.50

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015

August 2015

July 2015

  • Eye Shadow in Paroxysm by GDE
  • Pressed Eye Shadow in Limerence by GDE
  • Nail Polish in Good Weather for Some Leather by Leesha's Lacquers
  • July TMI: Queen Bee Apothecary
  • Value: $16.50

June 2015

  • Eye Shadow in #girlsnightout by GDE
  • Highlighter in Tiny Unicorns by GDE
  • Pocket Mirror by GDE
  • June TMI: OHWTO
  • Value: $16.50

May 2015

April 2015

March 2015

February 2015

  • Eye Shadow in Not to Be Truffled With by GDE
  • Liquid Liner by Coastal Scents
  • Mini Nail Polish in Sassy 'Lil Sugar Tart by Gothic Gala Lacquers
  • Random sample from Anti-Valentine's Day collection by GDE
  • February TMI: savor
  • Value: $14.20

January 2015

  • Eye Shadow in Be My Anchor by GDE
  • Cream Shadow in Sailing Away by GDE
  • AquaBomb in Atomic Astrid by GDE
  • Random sample of a new shade by GDE
  • January TMI: Baroque Cosmetics
  • Value: $16.25


December 2014

November 2014

  • Eye Shadow in More Pie, Please! by GDE
  • Pressed Eye Shadow in Food Coma by GDE
  • Blush Sample in Hot for Teacher by GDE
  • 2 Sample Baggie Samples by GDE
  • If Lying Was a Crime Sample Baggie by Kiss My Sass Cosmetics
  • Mini Perfume Sample in Gold Rush by Black Violet
  • Value: $23.50

October 2014

  • Eye Shadow in Mausoleum by GDE
  • Eye Shadow in Bat Queen by GDE (in collaboration with Victoria Donelda)
  • 2 sample baggie shadows from an upcoming Halloween Collection by GDE
  • Wicked Jack glitter blend by The Chequered Lily
  • Value: $19.00

September 2014

  • Eye Shadow in Never Be Royals by GDE
  • Glitter Tube in Unicorn Tears by GDE
  • Mini Glitter Fix by GDE
  • Value: $14.50

August 2014

  • Eye Shadow in Cement Heart by GDE
  • Petit Eye Shadow in Teal Me Lies by Darling Girl
  • Blush Sample in Hollywood Affair by GDE
  • HydraGlaze Sample in Homicide by GDE
  • Value: $13.00