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Important Dates

  • Feb 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Feb 5th - Valentine's Day Collection
  • Feb 14th -V-Day Charity Shadow
  • Feb 23rd - Blush Restock
  • Feb 27th - Half Price Tuesday
  • Mar 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Mar 9th - DQs Live
  • Mar 13th - Half Price Tuesday
  • Mar 30th - New Releases
  • Apr 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Apr 1st -Autism Society Charity Shadow

Regular OTM subscriptions are available by waitlist only. OTM Basic can be purchased by anyone on the available dates (1st-8th of each month)

What is the OTM? OTM stands for "Of The Month" and it is a subscription service provided by Glamour Doll Eyes. We have the regular OTM which includes the base shadow and extras as well as the OTM Basic which is JUST the shadow!

How much does it cost? We charge monthly for the OTM. The price includes shipping and are:


  • United States $7.50/month
  • Canada $13.50/month
  • Everywhere Else $18.50/month


  • United States $11.00/month
  • Canada $18.00/month
  • Everywhere Else $22.00/month


  • United States $12.00/month
  • Canada $19.00/month
  • Everywhere Else $23.00/month


  • United States $8.00/month
  • Canada $15.00/month
  • Everywhere Else $19.00/month

How do I join the OTM? The regular OTM subscriptions are available on the 7th of the month by waitlist only. If you do not have a subscription, you can purchase the basic OTM subscription which is available the 1st-8th.

Blush Club & Glitter Club are also available by waitlist only. 

Where do I find out what is in this months OTM? You can't! The items that are in the OTM are a surprise until they end up at your door!

So what am I actually getting then? Each month of the OTM will vary but you're guaranteed at least:

  • (BASIC OTM) 1 full size eye shadow.
  • (REGULAR OTM) 1 full size eye shadow and 2 extras.
  • (BLUSH CLUB) 1 full size blush/highlighter/contour/etc & 1 extra.
  • (GLITTER CLUB) 1 full size glitter product & 1 extra.

Then how do I know if it is even worth it? We have scoured the internet long and far to find extras that we feel our subscribers will like. You won't know if you like it until you receive it but you can check out our previous month OTMs for a little sneak peek into what might come.

How long will I have my subscription? You will have your subscription until you cancel.

I don't really like the eye shadow/extra/etc that came with this month, can I get a refund? We try our best to please the masses with our eye shadow and extra selections. Because of the nature of the product, we can not accept returns and therefore do not offer refunds. You're more than welcome to post your items for trade in our Facebook Group (you must be a member to see this page. You can join by clicking here and once you're accepted, you can see the trade post). There are always people looking to get their hands on the OTM colors!

I blog about subscription services, can I get one for free to review? We do not send out the OTM for reviews for free at this time.

If I have a regular OTM, can I still subscribe to the Basic OTM? Yes of course, there is no limit to these. If you have a regular subscription and you want to combine this subscription to it, use the code " OTMCOMBINE" and it will take the shipping off and they will be shipped together.

Can I be on the waitlist even though I have a basic subscription? ABSOLUTELY. Once your time is up on the waitlist, we can cancel your Basic OTM and sign you up for the regular OTM.

Will I receive a tracking number for my OTM? Yes, you will receive a tracking number in your email as well as be able to check the tracking through your account.

When will my order ship? OTM orders start shipping out the 12th of every month and go out through the 16th. Sometimes we may ship them sooner but you will have a tracking number by the 16th unless otherwise stated. Please join our Facebook Group for any delay information.

How do I change my shipping address? Click Account > Manage Subscriptions > Billing Information Tab > Edit Address.

I want to combine my Basic OTM and Regular OTM so that I don't have to pay double the shipping, can I do that? Yes. If you have a regular subscription and you want to combine this subscription to it, use the code " OTMCOMBINE" and it will take the shipping off and they will be shipped together.

I am an international subscriber, does my package still ship first?  In your first month of a subscription, your OTM will ship with everyone else's. After that we can change your payment date to the 1st so that yours will arrive around the time as the domestic subscriptions. Basic subscriptions will ship using our regular shipping schedule.

What forms of payment do you take? Credit card only.

What day will I be billed? You will be billed on the 7th of each month for a REGULAR subscription (unless you're international, the 1st) and you will be billed on the day you signed up for the BASIC subscription. Blush Club will be billed on the 25th of every even month and Glitter Club will be billed on the 25th of every odd month.

How will I be billed? You will be automatically billed.

What happens if my payment is declined? If your payment is declined, it will automatically try to process your payment for a few days. If payment is not received by the 9th of the month, the subscription will be canceled.

Why was my subscription canceled?? A subscription can be canceled because you canceled it or because of a payment error. If you feel it was canceled without your doing, please contact us asap!

If I cancel my subscription, can I reactivate it whenever I am ready to come back? No. You will need to put yourself back/on the waiting list.

What if I have a monthly OTM and I am just not feeling it or had something come up? You're more than welcome to cancel. You can do so by clicking Account > Manage Subscriptions > Subscriptions > Edit > Cancel Subscriptions.

Can I purchase more than one subscription? Unfortunately we only allow 1 regular subscription per customer. If you're purchasing for someone else (IE: mom, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, etc), it must be in their name and it needs to be made as 2 separate transactions. You can purchase as many Basic subscriptions as you would like.

If I purchase more than one subscription, do I get a refund on the second shipping price? No, the OTMs are set at their prices to semi-include shipping and we typically don't ship together.

I canceled my subscription but I have already been charged for this month, can I get a refund? Unfortunately once you have been charged for a subscription we can not issue a refund. Your OTM will be shipped as normal but you will not be charged for any additional months.

What is my cut off date to cancel and not receive the current month? Subscriptions are billed on the 7th of every month so you must cancel the day before your date to not be billed for the current month. For instance, you want to cancel for April, you must cancel on or before the 6th. If you are charged already for April, you will receive Aprils OTM but it will be canceled for May.

By purchasing an OTM you understand that all extras are just that, an extra. We only purchase the amount that we need for the OTM and NOT any additional units. If one ends up being defective or does not work, we can not replace it in most cases. We package our OTMs in a bubble mailer for maximum protection. You're more than welcome to send us an email if something is broken but we can't promise a replacement.