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Important Dates

  • Dec 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Dec 25th - Christmas GWP

An insider is someone who receives products for free in return for a set amount of looks each month.

Do you have a passion for make up and an Instagram to share your point of view? We will send you 6 shadows a month to product 4 looks a month. Each insider will be an insider for 4 months. Your first month you will receive your 6 items and you will have to complete your 4 looks by a certain date. If you're done with your 4 looks within the allotted time, you will then receive another package your second month continuing onto 4 months. Once you're finished with your fourth set of looks, your insider time is over.

You may apply again once your time is up, however you will be rejected if you didn't finish your looks. Insiders will be changed every 4 months.

You will receive your shadows sometime in the first/second week of the month. You will create your 4 looks and post them to Instagram with hashtag "#gdeinsider" as well as post them on our Facebook Group. This is how we will keep track of your looks!

1. You MUST an Instagram. You do not have to have a certain amount of followers but it must be a public Instagram.
2. There are no age limits for a one time review, however, if you're under the age of 18, you MUST have parental permission.
3. You must offer unbiased, honest reviews.
4. You must be a member of our Facebook Group.
5. You must be able to create 4 looks with 6 shadows in a months time.
6. You MUST live within the USA. Sorry!

Each insider will receive a special coupon code for 25% off to share with their followers. For each sale you bring in within that month, you may receive extra items in your package.

-- 2 orders - 2 extra sample eye shadows
-- 5 orders - 4 extra sample eye shadows
-- 8 orders - 1 full size blush
-- 10 orders - 1 full size lip gloss

You will still need to use these in your looks that month but will give you more variety. The coupon code counts will reset every month. They will start on the 8th and end the 7th of the following month since your packages ship on the 8th). The coupon codes must be used by others, any use by yourself will not count.

We do ask that you're not currently sponsored by any other cosmetic company. We find this to be a conflict of interest and to avoid stepping on anyone's toes, it is easier this way.

We choose your colors at random. If you have an extensive collection already, we can't guarantee that you will get anything new. You may however, get new items such as items not yet released, newly released or exclusive.
All you have to do is complete the form below. Please remember, this is the form to be an insider ONLY, not channel sponsorship. Because we're giving away FREE make up, we will be pretty selective. IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS, YOUR EMAIL WILL BE DELETED.

After the application has been submitted, you will be directed to the front page! You will receive a form reply telling you if the form was submitted or not.


Email Address:

Instagram (put full URL;


Age Range:

Have you used Glamour Doll Shadows before?:

Are you able to post High Quality images?:

I would like to see a few examples of your make up work (preferably eye, this will also show how HQ your images are). At least 2 please!

What makes you unique?:

What inspires you?:

What about Glamour Doll Eyes makes you want to be an insider?:

How did you hear about GDE?:

I am not sponsored by any other mineral make up brand and will not accept any sponsorships during the duration of my time at GDE:
I agree.
I currently can't guarentee this.

Read rules:
Yes, I have.