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Open up your make up drawer. How many "neutral" shadows do you see? 10, 20, 30, 50!? We all have them, and probably more than we need. Do they all look the same? Once you have seen one brown, you have probably seen them all, am I right? This is why we have created our Halo Collection. This collection takes your basic beige, brown, gold and black eye shadows and turns them into a color infused masterpiece, just asking to be worn!

We are bringing neutral to the next level without compromising quality, pigmentation or leaving out what we all love, color. Each color has been specifically mapped out and handcrafted to perfection with sparkle, shimmer, sheen and complexity. There may be a few that you're thinking "what!?" to, but we promise, you will love them!

Each color has a name that is a reflection of itself. All of the words also have the same meaning, to strip, be nude or be known.