I am currently working on the rest of the orders. If you have any questions, feel free to email me: (this email will be open until the last order is shipped) or join our Facebook Group.
I am working a full time job while also trying to get the rest of the orders out so please bear with me!


Emerald Winterwood will now be carrying our famous Glitter Fix (make your sparkles and glitter POP with this serum). Follow their facebook page to find out when they will have it in stock.
If you have a question, feel free to contact us through the Contact Form.

Why was my order canceled?? We rarely cancel an order but if we do, the reason will be in the notes of your purchase as well as in the email that is sent along with the notification. Typically it will be canceled because you didn't meet the order minimum or shipping was requested and it was never paid.

Can/do I get an invoice with my order? To save trees, we don't send out invoices with your order but if you need one for business purposes or just because, put it in the comments at check out and we will try our hardest to include one!

Can I combine multiple orders? If you have an order that has not been processed and shipped and you want to place another order, you can use the code "combine" and it will take off the shipping. This is ONLY to be used when combining orders. If you do not have an order already processing and you use this code, your order will be canceled.

Can I get a refund if I pay for shipping twice? It is very difficult to give refunds on shipping once an order is placed, that is why we have the above code. We will usually combine your package but can not give refunds. If this is an issue, please contact us and we will issue a coupon code for the difference to use on your next purchase.

I ordered XX/XX/XX, where is my order? I try to process orders within 48 hours of payment but sometimes, I could be a bit behind. If you want to email me your order number I can give you an estimated shipping date.

Can I add XYZ to my order? Can I exchange X for Z? I can usually accommodate any order add on requests or change as long as you get them to me before I start processing your order. Feel free to contact me!

How much will I be paying in shipping? Do you ship internationally? Shipping is calculated by weight and your postal code. I will happily ship internationally! Orders of $50.00 or more get free shipping... Yes, this is WORLDWIDE!! (Please note, if we ship it and it is returned to us, you will be responsible for the shipping to send it back out. We will ship for free only once per package).

What form of payments do you accept? We accept paypal (preferred, offers buyer and seller protection) and credit card (outside of paypal).

I received a card in my purchase that says I can get the sample price off of a full size jar if I plan to purchase it. What does that mean? That means that if you purchase a sample (baggie or jar) and like it, we will take the price of the sample off a full size jar. For instance, you purchased Angel Wings in a sample jar and you love it so much you want a full jar (making it $3.50 instead of $6), send us an email with the color(s) you want to purchase and we will make a coupon code. The only exception to this is grab bags and free samples. We can not take off the discounted price for a grab bag purchase or the free eye shadows we send out. If you purchased more than one sample, we only take off the price of one, but we will take off the higher priced sample if you purchased a baggie and a jar.

How much product am I actually getting? All shadows are measured by volume, NOT weight. A sample baggies comes with 1/8th of a teaspoon. A sample jar comes with 1/4th of a teaspoon and a full jar comes with about a half of a teaspoon. I never level out the spoons, so most of the time, it is flowing over so you receive a bit more than what is stated. Please note, some shadows have different textures so the jars might not look as full as others, it doesn't mean that there is less shadow.

Will my shadows survive the postal service? Yes, we shrink-wrap all jars besides the sifter jars. This should offer more protection over spilling during shipping. We also ship in bubble mailers for extra protection!

When will XYZ be back in stock? Our typical stock days are Sunday unless we're out of an ingredient. The best suggestion would be to join the notification list. On each sold out product there will be a place to sign up. You will get an email when they're restocked that way.

Are your eye shadows tested on animals? We love animals, therefore, we only test on gorgeous girls and boys!

What happened to XYZ shadow? We discontinue shadows fairly regularly to make room for new products. If you're not finding a shadow or product you're looking for, chances are it was discontinued. You can always shoot as an email and inquire.

Are your shadows really FDA approved? All of the ingredients we use in our eye shadows are FDA approved for the use on eyes unless otherwise stated in the listing! We do have some blushes and all glitters that are NOT FDA approved for the use around the eyes in the USA, however they are approved in other regions. Please use at your own risk.

How do I apply the eye shadow? Should I use a base? While you can use any eye shadow applicator found in a drug store or cosmetic store, I highly recommend using makeup brushes. Sedona Lace brushes are my favorite and if you use the code "glamourdoll", you can get $4 off (no affiliation or money is compensated when you use our coupon code). Put a bit of eye shadow into the jar top. Swish it around and tap off the excess, you don't want to use too much to start with. Then apply to eye. If you want more, repeat. Using a primer/base is highly recommended to get the most from your shadows. Also try the shadows wet (foiled) for a very vibrant color!

GWP Information GWP stands for Gift With Purchase and it is just that, a GIFT with a qualifying purchase. Sometimes items are not applicable for our GWP (such as limited edition items, lip glosses, or sale items). GWP are included with any $10 or more order that does not include any of the before mentioned items. This is $10 with ONE ORDER. If you make 2 orders of $6 each (not including shipping), you will not get the GWP. It has to be in one order.

How do I use my coupon code? Coupon codes can be entered during checkout. Only one coupon code can be used at a time. We can not extend a coupon code if you didn't get an order in time.

Why can't I log into my account? In May of 2015 we decided to take a huge leap of faith and more our entire website to a new platform. Any accounts created before that are gone and you will need to create a new one..

Why isn't my coupon code working? Some coupon codes are very limited, depending on the coupon code. Please refer to the information provided with the coupon code. Coupon codes can only be used once per customer (unless otherwise stated) and cannot be combined.

I get free samples!? Every qualifying $10+ purchase gets 2 free samples and a full jar of the months GWP! Isn't that awesome!? Samples can NOT be chosen and will be chosen at random. I choose colors by what is made and available at the time. If you receive a free sample and love it and decide to buy it, you don't get it at a discounted price. Samples cannot be returned. **Please note, if orders are backed up, some packages will be shipped without free samples. ALSO: The GWP has a few restrictions, any listing that does not count towards the GWP will be noted.

Do you offer a quantity/makeup artist discount? Yes I sure do! Use the code "MUA" at check out for 50% off full jars only. You must purchase at least 16 at a time. This is not applicable with collections or samples, only full jars. Not applicable on blushes or HydraGlaze.