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Important Dates

  • Feb 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Feb 5th - Valentine's Day Collection
  • Feb 14th -V-Day Charity Shadow
  • Feb 23rd - Blush Restock
  • Feb 27th - Half Price Tuesday
  • Mar 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Mar 9th - DQs Live
  • Mar 13th - Half Price Tuesday
  • Mar 30th - New Releases
  • Apr 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Apr 1st -Autism Society Charity Shadow

I am looking for some small businesses to feature in my 2015 and 2016 OTM (of the month) subscription service. I will be BUYING these items but please remember that this is promoting you to our customers so a wholesale discount is appreciated (and could help us choose you over other companies). If this is something you think your business would benefit from, please feel free to fill out the form below, we would love to have you!

Here is a list of some businesses we have featured in the past:

- All That Sass
- Black Violet
- Notoriously Morbid
- Gothic Gala Lacquers
- Sedona Lace
- Hello Waffle Cosmetics
- Darling Girl Cosmetics
- innocent+twisted alchemy
- Chinovi Cosmetics
- KawaiiPowerUp
- Dark Heart Designs

Here are some words of advice, praise, and thoughts of samples and business who have been featured in the past. These are testimonials and tips straight from our OTM subscribers!

I have received samples that I liked so much I placed orders with that company the same day. I have also received samples from companies I was considering ordering from and the sample in the GDE OTM convinced me to place my order. In every instance my orders contained full size products, not just more samples.
It's great exposure! I may not have heard about the company or never considered trying a product because they aren't physically near me!
I do think it's important with samples that there's enough in there to really test it out. I've had samples that I could only use 1-2 times and that isn't necessarily enough to know how well I like the quality. Also, packaging with samples, I believe, is EXTREMELY important. I'm not sure why, as it doesn't speak for the quality of the product, but it does speak for the quality of the company and that's important.
Working with Glamour Doll Eyes would make me more likely to purchase because I love the company and support their products whole heartedly.
I love getting extras because I find out about companies I've never heard of and try products I wouldn't normally purchase.
Including coupon codes is a huge reason I make a purchase immediately or soon after receiving the sample. If there's not one, I usually hold off until there is one later down the road. There are a lot of great Indies out there, but having a coupon code usually decides which ones I order from now, versus later. I also love getting a sneak peek at a product or shade that hasn't been released yet. Or a personal touch such as including your best seller (however, many getting the OTM may already have this) or your personal favorite shade/product you make. I am ok with sample baggies over clamshells, but either is absolutely fine with me.
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What type of product would you like to have in our OTM? (Please note, we do an eye shadow every month so we're not looking for eye shadow. If that is ALL you make, we can work something out):

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No can do :(