July Gift with purchase

Important Dates

  • Jul 25th - DQ Items on Sale
  • Jul 30th - Presale Overstock
  • Aug 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Aug 5th - Shorties
  • Aug 18th - New Releases
  • Sept 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Sept 1st - Halloween 2017
  • Sept 13 thru 26th - Shop Break
  • Oct 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Nov 1st thru 8th - Basic OTM
  • Nov 6th - Fall Presale

$5 from each shadow sold will go to their perspective charities. These will be available until Friday, February 17th. They will be made to order so please allow a few extra days to processing.

ABSOLUTELY NO COUPON CODES ARE TO BE USED ON THESE SHADOWS. Any use of a coupon code will be refunded and canceled.

These colors DO NOT QUALIFY for our GWP.